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Inspec.x L 4/60
최대개방시에도 높은 해상력을 제공하는 고성능 Large format 렌즈


The inspec.x L 4/60 and 4/100 are optimized for the use from infinity down through magnifications of around 0.2x. In this range these lenses show exceptional contrast over a large sensor size of up to 70 mm. High contrast goes along with very good color correction and low distortion. Especially the 60 mm lens provides unusually high performance for such a short focal length and enables imaging of large objects in space constrained environments with large sensors.

Both lenses feature a threaded interface to use them with the popular Modular Focus helical mount that provides access to virtually all existing cameras via different camera adapters.

Key features

- High contrast for small magnifications

- Excellent color correction

- Focal length: 60 and 100 mm

- Magnification range: 0 ... -0.2

- Image circle: up to 70 mm

- Spectral range: 400-750 nm

- Iris diaphragm: manual, continuous with set screw

- Mount: compatible to Modular Focus

- Wide range of mechanical accessories


Large format 렌즈의 배율, F/# 입력을 통해

유용한 정보를 얻을 수 있습니다.


1) Back Focal Length

2) Working Distance

3) Total Track

4) DOF

주요 사양

Family Inspec x. L 
Partnumber 0019-002-000-50 
Magnification range 0.2 ~ ∞ x
Magnification 0.033 x
Image circle 70.9 mm
Focal length 60.6 mm
Wavelength Visible 
Type Fixed focal length 
Mount M45 
Maker Qioptiq 


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