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Linea SWIR 1K Mono GigE
SWIR 파장을 이용한 새로운 고속 & 고해상도 솔루션

Cutting-edge InGaAs Sensor

Teledyne DALSA’s short-wave infrared (SWIR) GigE line scan camera features a cutting-edge InGaAs sensor in a compact package for a wide variety of machine vision applications.

This high speed, high resolution camera is the first product in DALSA’s SWIR family. The uncooled sensor features 40 kHz line rate with horizontal resolution of 1024 pixels on a 12.5 µm pitch, delivering great responsivity that can be further improved through pixel binning, which gives customers the option to bin to 512 pixel resolution with 25 µm pixels.

LINEA SWIR SEES RIGHT THROUGH SILICON to image the target on the back of the wafer

Food Sorting Application. Linea SWIR enables more efficient detection

Detection Capabilities

- Moisture Content

- Bruising

- Foreign Objects


- Increase Yield

- Reduce Waste

- Improve Quality

주요 사양

Type SWIR 
Family Linea SWIR 
Partnumber SL-GA-01K04A-00-R  
Resolution 1024 pixel 
Resolution(H*V) 1024 x 1Line 
Sensor size (Image Circle) 12.8 mm
Frame/Line Rate 40kHz 
Pixel Size 12.5 μm
Interface GigE 
Spectral Response 950nm ~ 1700nm 
Sensor type InGaAS 
Operating Temp 0 ~ 50 ° C
Temp. Accuracy
Lens Focal Length
Lens F/#
Size 46 x 46 x 55 mm
Mass 150 
Responsivity 800 
Full Well 10000 
Dynamic Range 72 
Quantum Efficiency 66 
Maker Teledyne Dalsa 


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  • 실리콘 웨이퍼 이물/외관검사
  • 초분광(Hyperspectral) 계측
  • 전자회로 기판(PCB) 검사
  • 태양광 모듈 검사
  • 의료 장비
  • 음식 분류
  • 미술품 복원