High Performance 3D Laser Profiler

Introducing Z-Trak 3D Laser Profiler

Z-Trak laser profiler series delivers high resolution height measurements using laser triangulation techniques. These ergonomically designed, compact units feature powerful FIR-peak detector and are factory calibrated for rapid field deployment with minimal effort.

With its wide selection of models, Z-Trak covers measurement ranges from 10 mm to 1000 mm. Z-Trak delivers highly linear, repeatable results by combining reflectance based dynamic laser power control and optimized optical path.

Powerful. Versatile. Easy to Integrate.

The Z-Trak comes in multiple body sizes, packed with powerful features such as FIR-Peak Detector, optimized optical design, factory calibration, adaptive integration time, optimized laser thermal management, field proven software libraries, and many more.

We've meticulously designed the Z-Trak to handle any of the challenges that arise from your application.

The overall result? A high-accuracy, high-resolution 3D laser profiler at a low total-cost of ownership.

Open Platform Software Development Tools

All this and support for GigE Vision standard allows Z-Trak series to work with both the Teledyne DALSA software packages as well as off-the-shelf 3rd party 3D image processing packages. Z-Trak series comes bundled with Sapera LT SDK, Sapera Processing 8.0 Group 1 run-time license or Sherlock 8.0 3D at no additional cost.

Choose from a wide variety of versatile software to best suit your application. Z-Trak is supported by:
Sapera Processing 3D / CamExpert X / Sherlock 3D / GenICam / Stemmer CVB / MVTec Halcon

Key Markets Applications

Industrial: Inline metrology/Volume metric measurements/Robot guidance/Gap and flush/Surface inspection
Electronics: Chip lead inspection/BGA and micro BGA/Solder paste inspection/Bare PCB/Populated PCB
Machine Vision: Parts inspection/Embossed OCR/Embossed barcode/Bead inspection/Pick and place/Wood and lumber inspection/Angular measurements/Part identification

How exactly does 3D imaging work?

The Z-Trak series of 3D laser profilers uses a laser triangulation technique to deliver high resolution height measurements. Z-Trak emits a laser onto an object of interest; the reflection's position in the sensor's field of view allows the scanner to triangulate the point in space at which the laser hits the object. The diagram at the left illustrates the terms we use to specify Z-Trak's performance.

주요 사양

Family Z-Trak 
Partnumber LP1-1800-R3 
Max.FOV 380 ~ 988 mm
Max.Optical Resolution 342 ~ 976 μm
Max.Vertical Resolution 200 ~ 2200 μm
Working Distance 400 mm
Measuring Range 800 mm
Measurement Speed 3.3K Hz
number of points/profile
Max. Object Slope
Spot Size
Wavelength Red: 660 
Dimensions 36 x 75 x 280 mm
Pitch (distance between 2 points)
Accuracy 40 μm
Repeatability 20 ~ 40 μm
Maker Teledyne Dalsa 


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