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HuaRay iRAYPLE 9M Mono, GigE
Gpixel GMAX 2509가 적용된 9M GigE 카메라

강력한 ISP 알고리즘을 지원하고 다양한 해상도와 GigE Vision을 포함한

우수한 가성비의 Huaray 카메라를 소개합니다.


Technical features

- Gigabit Ethernet interface, providing 1Gbps bandwidth with a maximum transmission distance of 100m

- 256MB on-board cache for data transmission or image resend

- Support Software Trigger/Hardware Trigger/Free Run Mode

- Support ISP functions including Sharpness/Denoising/Gamma/LUT/BlackLevel Correction/TargetBrightness/Contrast etc.

- Color cameras support interpolation, white balance, color conversion matrix, chroma, saturation, etc.

- Support multiple image data formats output/ROI/Mirror, etc.

- Conform to GigE Vision V2.0 protocol and GenICam standard

- Support PoE power supply, DC 9V~24V wide voltage power supply

- Conform to CE, FCC, RoHS

Application Industry

- Defect inspection


- Vision localization

- Dimension measurement

- Barcode reading


- Logistic Industry

주요 사양

Family iRAYPLE 
Partnumber A5907MG200E 
Resolution 9 Megapixel
Resolution(H*V) 4200 x 2160 pixel
Sensor Gpixel GMAX 2509 
Sensor size(Image Circle) 8.26 mm
Sensor Format(Inch)
Turbodrive Frame Rate
Frame Rate 11 fps
Pixel Size 2.5 μm
Interface GigE 
Chroma Mono 
Readout Method Global 
Dynamic Range >64 dB
Sensor type CMOS 
Size 29 x 44 x 58 mm
Maker Huaray 


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