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Optimized for 2/3'' sensors

Products Features

- Support up to 2/3" camera sensors

- Ultra high resolution, 8MP resolution in full view, matching up to 2.4μm pixel size

- Magnification coverage 0.17~1x

- Ultra low distortion, optimized chromatic aberration desion

- Anti-sesmic rate 3M7,meet precision position andent measurem application

- Stable sharpness quality when temperature varies from -20℃~50℃

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1) Focal Length

2) Working Distance

3) FOV

주요 사양

Family MH-M 
Partnumber MH7532M 
Focal length 75 mm
Image circle 11.4 mm
Sensor Format(Inch) 2/3" 
F/# 3.2 ~ 16 
Iris Option Variable 
MOD 150 ~ 500 mm
Distortion 0.2 %
Magnification range 0.17 ~ 1.01 x
Wavelength 436 ~ 656 
Type Fixed focal length 
Maker Huaray 
Resolution 8MP 


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