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CUPRITE 2.8/50 V48 (구 SWIRON)


The compact 23 mm focal length SWIRON is lens for 2/3” sensor, for SWIR wavelength range. This lens is extremely robust and insensitive to rough ambient conditions, with the result that the lens retains its high optical imaging performance in industrial environments, as in fl uid inspection systems. The secure locking of the iris and focus settings and the SWIR coating of 800 - 1800 nm is standard for this lens. Ideal for LIDAR application and agriculture applications.

Key features

- Suitable for 2/3” sensor

- Minimized focal shift

- Distortion less than 1%

- Designed for 800 nm - 1800 nm


- Bio-pharmaceuticals / medical

- Fluid inspection

- Food control / agriculture

- Plastic waste sorting

- Solar inspection


- Hyperspectral imaging / material testing

주요 사양

Partnumber 1087723 
Focal length 50.74 mm
Image circle 25.4 mm
Sensor Format(Inch)
F/# 2.8 ~ 16 
Iris Option Variable 
Mount V48 
Magnification range 0.02 ~ 0.2 x
Magnification 0.2 x
Wavelength 800 ~ 1800 
Type Fixed focal length 
Maker Schneider 
Resolution 6.45 


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