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Linea HS 32k, 400kHz, CLHS CX4
Teledyne Dalsa의 특허기술이 적용되어 향상된 Detectability를 제공하는 TDI 카메라

현존하는 TDI 라인스캔 카메라중
가장 높은 생산성을 제공하는 LineaHS 카메라를 소개합니다.

앤비젼에서 제공하는 Linea HS 32K는 최신 CMOS 기술이 적용된 TDI 카메라로 빠른 속도와 높은 감도, 낮은 노이즈 등 최고의 품질을 제공합니다. 또한, 다양한 이미징 조건을 구현한 영상 획득도 가능하여 검출력을 향상시킬수 있습니다.

Feature Highlight: Patent Pending Pixel Offset Technology

The 32k camera uses two 16k/5 μm TDI arrays with ½ pixel offset. Two 16k/5μm image data are captured and then reconstructed to achieve a super resolution image of 32k/2.5 μm in real time. This significantly enhances detectability for subpixel defects.

Another advantage of the pixel offset technology is that existing 16k/5μm lenses can be used without sacrifice in responsivity and MTF with a smaller physical pixel size.

Equipped for the Future

The Linea HS brings your imaging system the speed and power of the PCIe Gen 3 platform when paired with Xtium2. Leveraging the high efficiency of the CameraLink HS interface's X-protocol, the Xtium2 CLHS PX8 supports Active Optical Cable (AOC) and industry standard CX4 cables with up to 7-CLHS lanes, each operating at 10.3 Gbits/s, to acquire images at up to 8.4 GBytes/s.

With slim, robust, and cost effective fiber optic cabling, Linea HS and Xtium2 allow cable lengths beyond 100 meters to enable the newest and most demanding vision applications.

Typical Applications

The Linea HS enables high speed and high sensitivity imaging in light starved conditions like these

- FPD Inspection

- PCB Inspection

- Wafer Inspection

- Gene Sequencing

- Digital Pathology

If you need maximum throughput in the toughest conditions, you need Linea HS.

주요 사양

Family Linea HS 
Partnumber HL-HM-32K40S-00-R 
Number of Pixels 32768 pixels
Number of Lines 64 
Line Rate 400 kHz
Pixel Size 5 / 2.5 µm
Interface Camera Link HS CX4 
Chroma Mono 
Responsivity 250 DN/nJ/cm²
Dynamic Range 70 dB
Sensor size(Image Circle) 81.92 mm
Sensor type CMOS 
Mount M90 x 1 
Size 97 x 140.5 x 78.6 mm
Maker Teledyne Dalsa 


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