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높은 성능 및 합리적인 비용의 Bi-telecentric Lens

C-Mount Bi-telecentric Lens

DTCM Series Bi-Telecentric Lenses are specially designed for high-precision application including metrology, inspectation etc., these lenses feature a varity of FOV up to 300mm, customized design for 1/2.5" ~1.1" sensor, and bi-telecentric design for high quality imaging.

- Optimized for 1/2.5"~1.1" C-Mount cameras;

- Large FOV from 26mm upto 300mm;

- Excellent resolution for high pixel cameras;

- Low distortion, good telecentricity,big aperture and big depth of field for high end application.

주요 사양

Family DTCM111 
Partnumber DTCM111-190H-AL 
Magnification 0.097 x
Image circle 17.6 mm
FOV 190 mm
Coaxial non-coaxial 
DOF ±46.7 mm
F/# 6.2 
Wavelength Visible 
Type Bi-telecentric 
WD 330±5 mm
Distortion <0.1 %
Telecentricity <0.1 °
Maker SZ Vico 
Length 443 mm


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