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Z-TRAK2 V-2K-0250
실시간 높이 측정 가능한 3D Laser Profiler

High-speed, in-line height
measurement and

Z-Trak™2 is a new family of 3D profile sensors built on Teledyne Imaging’s 3D image sensor technology, ushering in a new era of 5GigE 3D profile sensors for high-speed, in-line 3D applications.

Models deliver scan speeds of up to 45,000 profiles per second and features built-in HDR and reflection compensation algorithms to handle surfaces with varying degrees of reflectivity in a single scan.

Delivering scan speeds of up to 45,000 profiles/sec

Offering 2K points per profile, all Z-Trak2 models are factory calibrated and offered with either blue or red eye safe lasers to suit various surface properties and operating environments. All sensors are housed in IP67 enclosures for harsh environments and come bundled free with Teledyne Imaging’s Sherlock 8.1 —a point-and-click, rapid application development software package, Sapera Processing RTLs and Sapera LT SDK.

Z-Trak2 for single and multi-sensor configurations

- Combine up to 16 sensors for 360° measurements and inspection

- Unified measurement space

- Single cable synchronization

- Advanced laser sequencing using heterogeneous models to improve accuracy


All Z-Trak models include a free license of Teledyne DALSA's Sherlock 8 - a graphical programming package allowing rapid application deployment. The free Z-Trak software bundle also includes Sapera LT and Sapera Processing run-time license.

Key Markets & Applications

Inspection, detection, identification, and guidance in:

- Electronics

- Semiconductor

- Automotive

- Factory automation

- Logistics

- Robotics

- Wood

How exactly does 3D imaging work?

There are a number of techniques available for 3D imaging. The Z-Trak series of 3D laser profilers uses a laser triangulation technique to deliver high resolution height measurements. Z-Trak emits a laser onto an object of interest; the reflection's position in the sensor's field of view allows the scanner to triangulate the point in space at which the laser hits the object.

주요 사양

Family Z-TRAK2 
Partnumber Z-TRAK2 V-2K-0250 
Max.FOV 166 ~ 325 mm
Max.Optical Resolution 85 ~ 167 μm
Max.Vertical Resolution 40 μm
Working Distance 180 mm
Measuring Range 250 mm
Measurement Speed 10000 Hz
number of points/profile 2000 
Max. Object Slope
Spot Size
Wavelength Red : 660 
Pitch (distance between 2 points)
Repeatability 2.5 ~ 6.0 μm
Interface 1 GigE 
Maker Teledyne Dalsa 


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