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Xenon-Emerald 2.2/50 F-mount
Fmount / CanonMount / M42x1 등의 마운트로 사용할 수 있는 렌즈


Large format 50 mm focal length lens covering up to 43.2 mm image circle, optional with V48-Mount or F-Mount developed for cameras with 29 megapixel sensors.

Distinguish a low distortion for a high optical quality over the entire image fi eld of 43.2 mm ideal for scanning. Usable for VIS range to NIR as needed for web inspection.

The robust and compact housing with lockable focus and iris setting makes this lens ideal for sorting systems in factory environmental.

Key features

- For large sensors up to 43.2 mm diagonal

- With V48-Mount or F-Mount available

- Lockable focus and iris setting

- 400 nm to 1000 nm broadband AR coating

- Motorized p-iris available


- Web inspection

- Scanner

- Logistic

- Sorting systems

주요 사양

Family Xenon-Emerald 
Partnumber 1062672 
Focal length 50 mm
Image circle 43.2 mm
Sensor Format(Inch)
F/# 2.2 
Iris Option
Distortion -0.1 %
Magnification range 0.05 ~ 0.17 x
Magnification 0.167 x
Wavelength 400 ~ 1000 
Type Fixed focal length 
Maker Schneider 


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