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LS4010A 0.1x
라인스캔용 작은 사이즈의 렌즈

Features of Products

  •  Designed for compact size line scan camera
  •  High resolution up to 5u pith size
  •  Small Magnification for the application of
  •  large size inspecion.
  •  Option: standard filter thread
  •  Interface from V-Mount to M42,M58,F-mount


Large format 렌즈의 배율, F/# 입력을 통해

유용한 정보를 얻을 수 있습니다.


1) Back Focal Length

2) Working Distance

3) Total Track

4) DOF

주요 사양

Family LS 4K ~ 8K 
Partnumber LS4010A 
Magnification range 0.04 ~ 0.33 x
Magnification 0.1 x
Image circle 43.2 mm
Focal length 40 mm
F/# 2.8 
Wavelength Visible 
Type Fixed focal length  
Mount V38 
Maker Chiopt 


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