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SC2, 14.8kHz, CL
e2v 1k Line scan 카메라

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AViiVA SC2 4k colour

This member of the AVIIVA™ range of cameras features a 4K pixel colour sensor with a 10 micron pixel size and an RGB colour pattern (1365 x RGB pattern).

This smarter camera supports both Camera Link, LVDS interface and is operable within a dynamic range of 8, 10 or 12 bits with dedicated electronics. With additional flat-field correction capabilities, contrast expansion functions, white balance and colour space correction, this camera is the perfect alternative for industrial applications requiring low-cost colour capture. Furthermore, one will avoid the usual problems observed with tri-linear sensors on optical alignment and object synchronisation.

주요 사양

Partnumber AT71YSC2CL4010-BA1 
Number of Pixels 1365 pixel
Number of Lines
Line Rate 14.8 kHz
Pixel Size 10 μm
Interface Camera Link 
Chroma Color 
Responsivity 2.5(R) 1.9(G) 1.3(B)  DN/nJ/cm2(8bit@최소게인)
Dynamic Range 64 dB
Sensor size(Image Circle) 13.65 mm
Sensor type CCD 
Mount C/ F/ T2/ M42 x 1 
Maker Teledyne e2v 


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