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UNiiQA+ Color 4k, 100kHz, CL
합리적 비용 및 우수한 성능의 CMOS Line scan 카메라

Unleash the potential of your inspection system

The Teledyne e2v UNiiQA+ series offers a range of line scan cameras that have been optimised for low-cost inspection equipment. The cameras are available in monochrome and Bayer colour, with resolutions of 2k, 4k and 16k, and a CameraLink or GigE Vision over NBASE-T (5 Gb/s) interface.

The 5µm pixel pitch sensor design enables the UNiiQA+ to stand out as the most compact line scan camera on the market today and it is C-mount compatible at any resolution up to 4k pixels.

Typical Applications

  • •Roughness and scratch detection
  •   in surface inspection (glass, paper, metal, textile)
  • • Presence control in pharmaceutical inspection
  • • Damage detection in rail inspection applications
  • • Character recognition in document scanning,
  •    parcel and postal sorting

주요 사양

Family UNiiQA+ 
Partnumber EV71YC1CCL4005-BA1 
Number of Pixels 4096 pixel
Number of Lines
Line Rate 100 kHz
Pixel Size 5 μm
Interface Camera Link 
Chroma Color 
Responsivity 4.1(R) 3.8(G) 2.8(B)  DN/nJ/cm2(8bit@최소게인)
Dynamic Range 56 dB
Sensor size(Image Circle) 20.48 mm
Sensor type CMOS 
Mount C/F/T2/M42 x 1 
Maker Teledyne Dalsa 


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