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TOURMALINE 2.8/40 C (구 Xenoplan)
성능이 뛰어난 C-Mount 렌즈

새로운 슈나이더 렌즈 제품명


- 뛰어난 성능은 그대로 -

앤비젼 협력사 슈나이더는 렌즈 라인업에 통일성을 부여하기 위해 2022년 3월부터 제품명들을 모두 변경하였음을 알려드립니다.
현재 앤비젼 홈페이지에서 신규명칭/기존명칭 함께 확인 가능하고, 제품명을 제외한 파트넘버, 렌즈 성능, 서비스 등은 기존과 모두 동일합니다.
Compact C-Mount lenses for up to 5 megapixel 1.3” sensor. This 28 mm focal length lens covers an image circle of 24 mm, which enables to achieve a large fi eld of view at a short working distance.

The lockable focus and iris setting, a robust housing and the 400 nm to 1000 nm broadband AR coating makes this lens ideal for measurement applications in factory automation.

For harsh environmental condition a ruggedized version, with special fi xed mechanics is available. A version with motorized p-iris is offered, too.

Key features

- High-resolution optics

- Highest optical imaging performance even with smallest pixel sizes

- Broadband coating (400 - 1,000 nm)

- Compact and low weight

- Vibration insensitivity for stable imaging performance

- Focus and iris setting lockable


- Traffi c surveillance

- 2D measurement

- Automated inspection systems

앤비젼 C-mount 광학계산기

간단한 입력을 통해 C-mount 렌즈 관련

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1) Focal Length

2) Working Distance

3) FOV

주요 사양

Partnumber 1101717 
Focal length 41.52 mm
Image circle 24 mm
Sensor Format(Inch) 1.3" 
F/# 2.8 ~ 22 
Iris Option Variable 
MOD 212 mm
Distortion <0.25 %
Magnification range 0 ~ 0.5 x
Magnification 0.5 x
Type Fixed focal length 
Maker Schneider 


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