Linea Mono 16k, 71kHz, CLHS
Monochrome CMOS Line Scan Camera

Powerful enough to use anywhere.
Affordable enough to use everywhere.

Introducing Linea, a CMOS line scan camera that can help you improve your imaging and lower your costs. Linea starts with an advanced CMOS sensor with high quantum efficiency and low noise for better images. Linea is also packed with advanced features to make your machine vision job almost effortless.

Latest generation CMOS technology.

Linea uses Teledyne DALSA's own advanced CMOS line scan sensors with high QE and low noise for better image quality. Available in resolutions from 2k to 16k, and now with color options.


Family Linea 
Partnumber LA-HM-16K07A 
Number of Pixels 16384 pixel
Number of Lines
Line Rate 71 kHz
Pixel Size 3.52 μm
Interface Camera Link HS CX4 
Chroma Mono 
Responsivity 5 DN/nJ/cm2(8bit@최소게인)
Dynamic Range 60 dB
Sensor size(Image Circle) 57.67 mm
Sensor type CMOS 
Mount M72 x 0.75 
Size 76 x 76 x 52.86 mm
Maker Teledyne Dalsa 

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