HuaRay iRAYPLE Line Mono 16K, 45kHz CL
iRAYPLE 16k CL line scan camera with bandwidth up to 6.8 Gbps




Product Features

- CameraLink supports Full, Medium, Base and
  Deca mode with maximum 6.8Gbps bandwidth.

- Supports external trigger, free run mode and
  multiple modes.

- Supports Gamma correction, LUT and other
  ISP functions.

- Applies DC 24V power supply.

- Compatible with Cameralink protocol and
  GenICam standard.

- Comply with CE, FCC, UL, RoHS certifications.


1) 2nd Battery inspection

2) Flat panel inspection

3) Film inspection

4) PCB inspection

5) Web inspection

6) Document inspection


Family iRAYPLE Line 
Partnumber L5162MK170E 
Number of Pixels 16384 pixel
Number of Lines
Line Rate 50 kHz
Pixel Size 3.5 μm
Interface Camera Link 
Chroma Mono 
Dynamic Range 64 dB
Sensor size(Image Circle) 57.34 mm
Sensor type CMOS 
Mount M72 
Size 80 x 80 x 39.5 mm
Maker Huaray 


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