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MeVis-CF 4.0/35
합리적 고성능의 C-mount 렌즈

Superior Optical Performance Packaged in a Compact and Robust Housing

The major difference to the standard MeVis-C Series is the fixed aperture. This enhances durability, reduces size for compact installation and offers a more cost-effective design. The lenses are available in several versions offering a variety of apertures.

Key Performance

- Highest optical performance

- Fixed aperture

- Large image circle up to 1 inch

- For pixel size even below 2 µm

- High numerical aperturet

- Compact and robust mechanics

주요 사양

Family MeVis 
Partnumber 0020-008-000-22 
Focal length 35 mm
Image circle 16 mm
Sensor Format(Inch)
F/# 4.0 
Iris Option
MOD 370 mm
Distortion <-0.1 %
Magnification range 0.1 ~ ∞ x
Magnification 0.05 x
Wavelength 450 ~ 950 
Type Fixed focal length 
Maker Qioptiq 


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