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Value Proposition

Envision will become great by making our members great.

Envision strives to organize a pleasant workplace for our Envisioners to grow with the company.

  • Pride in work and company
  • Trust in management and company
  • Camaraderie


Envision has a greater interest in bringing the ability to create more time rather than tell the time to the Envisioner. Envision Envisioners receive respect as an independent beings that themselves can make reasonable decisions instead of manually performing the vision and goals of the company executives made only.

  • 01Performance share meetings

    At Envision, business performance is not evaluated by the executive. The executive presents transparent business scores, as measured in a Balanced Score Card (BSC), to the Envisioners; The Envisioners then understand the scores and evaluate the performance of each team/group themselves. After inspecting the activities of the company and each team for the quarter, the Envisioners brainstorm for improvements to be made for the next quarter and establish a plan of action.


  • 02Tuesday Meetings

    On the morning of the first Tuesday of each month, all Envisioners congregate at the HUB. And various activities such as book reading discussions, guest lectures, in-house mini workshops/trainings and team-building exercises are carried out. In the meetings, the Envisioners share their thoughts on a common topic.

    Tuesday Meetings

  • 03Proposal System, and Meeting with Management
    At Envision, all are welcome to point out problems with the company's system and business processes, and propose better alternatives. Such ideas are discussed among the proponents and executors, shaped into a form suitable for implementation at Envision, and then carried out. If a member finds it difficult to raise an issue openly, he or she may be assisted by the management, who is always ready to listen to the frank opinions of members and act upon them. Examples include the enjoyable snack time and the table tennis at Envision.


It is said that the greatest desire of a human being is the desire for self-actualisation. Envision provides practical support for members in various ways to help them develop their potential and achieve their dreams and visions. Envision tries its best to help members discover their talents and interests through their tasks and training by fostering a learning environment.

  • 01PPE(Performance planning & Evaluation)

    PPE is Envisions performance management system that enables members to manage their performance with autonomy and efficiency. At the beginning of each year, members set their own goals, which they then strive to achieve throughout the year; this encourages creative task performing and voluntary immersion, which is further facilitated by periodic coaching and performance reviews to help members grow.


  • 02Loving Room

    The Envision Loving Room project removes couches and TVs from the living room and replaces them with furniture (bookcases, tables, etc.) and books that help foster an environment where the family can learn and communicate together. This concerns not only growth inside the company; we strive to improve the quality of life for members by turning their homes into environments that foster learning and communication.

    Loving Room

  • 03Best Envisioner Award

    At the end of each year, everyone at Envision participates in celebrating a fruitful year at the Year End Party, where the members voted as best personifying and actualise the core values of Envision are selected by voting and honored with Best Envisioner Award. At the Year End Party, members and their families are all invited, so that appreciation for their efforts throughout the year may be given.

    Best Envisioner Award


‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ Envision actively provides channels for communication between the Envisioners to help them form a unified, winning team. To create an organization in which the Envisioners not only carry out their own responsibilities diligently but also work together to create synergy, Envision fosters a company culture where working together is more enjoyable than working alone.

  • 01Rookie Welcoming Reception

    On the first day for a new member of the company, all Envision members gather to sing a congratulatory song and blow out the candles on a pretty cake made of stacked doughnuts. After accepting the congratulations, the new member will return to his or her post to find a Welcome Package, which includes stationary, a diary, candies, a personal toothbrush, and other lovingly prepared items. It is Envisions way of showing its appreciation for the eagerly awaited new member.

    Rookie Welcoming Reception

  • 02Empathy Group

    The members of Envision do not always operate in work-oriented teams. Members from different teams and tasks form 'Empathy Groups' based on their age and date of joining Envision to foster friendships and empathy. Members of ‘Empathy Groups’ often plan for, and engage in, various activities such as membership training to better understand one another.

    Empathy Group

  • 03Envision HUB

    Envision thinks that creativity and insight are fostered in an open environment in which members can see one another's faces and freely communicate. At the HUB, which is the driving force behind Envisions culture of constructive discussion and horizontal organisation, the members nurture ideas and create Envisions legacy today.

    Envision HUB